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deadCENTER Film Festival

I've been spending the weekend at deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City. Man with a Moustache is playing here, and I came to support the movie and see old friends. The reception that Man with a Moustache has gotten has been beyond belief for me. It has been getting good laughs, and I think it has been standing up next to the other entries particularly well. Last night, it played in two programs, the Okie Shorts program and the Midnight Shorts program. I have to admit to being astounded by the Okie Shorts lineup. I had no idea that there were so many quality projects coming out of Oklahoma right now. In fact, Mark Potts had a film that worried me because people were laughing so hard at it that I thought there'd be no laughs left over for mine! When I began Midseason Replacement a while back, I linked to a hilarious short called Owen's Predicament. Mark Potts did that, and his new short, For the Love of Family, is equally funny. I would also like to draw your attention to my favorite festival short, Bitch. It played during the Midnight Shorts program, and from the very first scene, I knew I was in for a special treat. If it ever comes to a festival near you, go watch it. If it's ever available for sale, buy it. I can't praise it enough. I won't even bother describing it, because I want you to go check out the website.

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