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Earnest Pettie, Online

Editor of Pophangover.com, Damn You, Autocorrect!, and the whole Pophangover Network

Reality Pitches: Country-Fried Catfished




If there are two things that the country is into more than Catfish and country bumpkins—I mean hillbillies, sorry– I don’t know what they are. Catfish is, of course, the MTV reality show that features people who fall in love, online, with people they don’t know and are surprised to find out the objects of their affection are not who they say they were. It’s easy to sympathize. I mean, if you fell in love with a part-time model, part-time scientist who looked suspiciously like a slightly Photoshopped version of Heidi Klum (when she was young), you’d be especially shocked to find out they were, in reality, a part-time model railroad builder, part-time Scientologist who looked like a slightly Photoshopped version of Seal (when he was young). The hillbilly craze can be boiled down to four words. Honey Boo Boo Child. America can’t get enough of her or of any of the other rednecks being broadcast on cable each night. That brings me to our reality pitch of the week: Country-Fried Catfish.


Each week, our host, Nev, finds some poor soul from deep in the Ozarks who has just gotten access to the Internet and is pursuing a relationship with someone they met online. Each episode ends with Nev consoling his subject and warning them that dating someone online is going to probably always lead to an unfortunate encounter with a cousin.



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