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Reality Pitches: Celebrity Debate Swap!




Celebrities are just like us! They suck at things they’re not good at! That’s the idea behind some of television’s most memorable reality shows: Celebrity Boxing in which celebs sucked at boxing; Splash! in which celebrities are sure to suck at diving; and TMZ in which celebs suck at court-mandated community service . Working off the idea that celebrities doing things will always be popular, I thought what’s the one thing we don’t get enough of from celebrities? Their opinions! I mean, who among us isn’t clamoring to hear Sean Penn’s or Clint Eastwood’s latest ramble on politics? That’s why I’m proposing Celebrity Debate Team. What’s more action-packed than a good debate… game? meet? tourney?

The Pitch: Two celebrities representing opposite sides of an issue meet for a debate and entertain America for an hour each week….

You know what? Let’s not stop there. Swapping is also something that people don’t seem to tire of. I mean, celebrities are swapping wives on ABC as I type this! What if we made the celebrities swap ideologies? Now you’re talking! You know what? This sounds like it could be an actual show!

The Revised Pitch: Two celebrities, representing opposite sides of an issue, meet in a debate and have to argue the other person’s side of the issue.

Sample Episode:


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