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Earnest Pettie, Online

Editor of Pophangover.com, Damn You, Autocorrect!, and the whole Pophangover Network

What I’m Working On

Matt and I have finally finished That's Not Funny. The script has come a million miles since our first draft so many months and revisions ago. I think Matt and I have decided to wait until we're in Los Angeles to shoot it. Hopefully being there will give us wider access to acting talent and production capabilities. We were very happy with Man with a Moustache, but I think we have much better work in us, and hopefully shooting this in LA will allow us to show more of our potential. We're also working on a pilot script for a new sitcom. I don't want to write too much about it, but the idea is pretty simple: The early days of a new religion/cult. And don't forget that I'm still blogging over at TVGoddess.com! I think I've posted more there than here the past couple months! With the new TV season here, I intend to post there more frequently over the next couple of weeks.

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