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Getting Information


Two quickies. I went shopping at Alberston’s today and again noticed the odd coincidence that as the number of cell phones has been increasing, the number of clerks available to help customers seems to have been decreasing. That’s just a coincidence, nothing more. But the proliferation of cell phones and the evaporation of store clerks has created an opportunity for the large supermarkets to give better service than they probably ever have before. They should have an information line inside the store. A customer needing to know which aisle houses organic Twinkies would not have to track down an elusive clerk, chasing him over piles of fruit and through darkened freezer sections. Instead, the customer would just have to dial store information. I love tabbed browsing. I always have at least five tabs open in Firefox. Either I have all my regularly read blogs open, or I have opened tabs for all the relevant Google search results. If not that, then I’ve opened tabs for every link in whatever article I’m reading. I have completely given myself over to the comfort of tabs. I’ve found myself wishing, lately, for the ability to see what it in all of those tabs. I’d like a little switch that would briefly tile all open tabs. Maybe you’d click on it, and the tabs would tile, wait a predetermined amount of time, and go back to normal. There will now be a million people (or two people) saying “Hey, what about Opera web browser? It tiles!” Yes, it does, but I would like the feature in Firefox or IE, and I would like it to be a temporary state. Just a peek!


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